Kamon Champloo by Baptiste Tavernier
Written by: Emptymind
Jun 19, 2020

Artist Baptiste Tavernier

Our good friend (and co-worker) the artist Baptiste Tavernier has just launched a new channel on Youtube… called Kamon Champloo. It’s really interesting and we hope to understand more about Kamon… the beautiful and unique family crests that are usually passed down in the Samurai family.

In Baptiste’s own words: KAMON CHAMPLOO is here to tell you more about samurai culture and one of its most peculiar aspect: the heraldic emblems known as Kamon. With our well-researched, refreshing and entertaining videos, we hope to introduce you to a vast collection of intricate and beautiful Japanese designs that have been passed down in samurai clans for more than a thousand years!

You can follow this series on Youtube and Facebook at his Youtube Channel