We are proud to announce our new on demand streaming service will be launching in May. Empty Mind TV is the result of many months of work by our dedicated team and our outside content providers.

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Empty Mind Films will be streaming all of our full length feature documentary films as well as never before seen footage and films ranging from Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts, Zen Meditation, Spirituality, Yoga and Traditional Medicine. Channels will showcase our outside content providers with exciting in-depth interviews and masters and sensei from around the world. Each movie will have in-depth profiles of the featured masters at a glance.

Our first Channel is provided by Seido Japan and will feature a seven episode Interview with Aikido master, Christian Tissier, 8th Dan Shihan filmed at the legendary Butokuden of Kyoto. Further videos to come will feature many of Japans martial arts masters and craftsmen of Budo equipment.

There will be two membership levels: Premium and Free. It’s that simple. Premium membership is a low monthly subscription of US$9.95. This allows unlimited full access to all our content and channels and forums and chat rooms, masters biographies etc. Free membership gives you the opportunity to watch our trailers and some Channel content and join our forum. You can change your membership or cancel anytime with a simple click of your mouse. No fuss. No telephone calls.

Each month we will send out a newsletter and announce in our forum the latest movies and content to watch that month. We hope to be adding new Channels as we grow and that is up to our followers in our community. So please join us by signing up for membership in May and help us achieve our goal to be the very best Martial Arts portal in the world. More news to follow with links to our beta version of Empty Mind TV.