Empty Mind Films is the leading film studio for documentaries on the Martial Arts and the health and wellness of mind and body. Our films are authentic and full of realism. We do not sensationalize or make false claims. In this way, Empty Mind is regarded as the most accurate independent film source for traditional Martial Arts. We have worked very hard to earn this reputation. We are committed to telling the stories of the world’s top masters of Martial Arts and the cultures of China, Japan, India and South-East Asia. We have contributed movie footage to many leading broadcast channels including National Geographic.  Beside commercial broadcast television channels our documentaries are available for educational institutions, museums and libraries. If you wish to screen our films for public performance or for lending or classroom use you can order from our education website. You can click here to download our new 2017 movie catalog.Quote-Blackbelt2

 Jon Braeley. Director

Jon Braeley
Filming The Immortal Path with Master Zhong Yun Long at Wudang Mountain.

The director of Empty Mind Films is Jon Braeley and our films are a combination of his passion for Asian culture, storytelling and photography. Born in Yorkshire, England, Jon began his career as an architect. In 1990 he moved to New York and switched from architect to photographer and filmmaker. In 1997 he produced his first documentary. In 2003 he created Empty Mind Films and won his first major international film festival with The Empty Mind. In 2005 he opened a movie studio in the Wynwood Art District of Miami. Jon is also an experienced Martial Artist, gaining his first black belt in Shotokan Karate at twenty one years of age. Immediately afterward he studied Tai Chi Chuan for two years before he resumed his karate practice. He has a wide range of knowledge of Martial Arts, having trained in many disciplines and under many top martial arts masters. Jon spends six months of the year shuttling between China, Japan and India and the rest of his time inside his editing studio in the USA. He is helped and assisted by a great film crew who are based in China and Japan.

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jon Braeley
Filming The Zen Mind. 2005 Kyoto, Japan

Customer Feedback…

After 20 years experience in Martial Arts, I sincerely believe that Empty Mind Films, Warriors of Budo are remarkable quality, for the presentation, the explanations of the art, the quality of the shooting. A pleasure for the eyes and the spirit. Accompanied by discoveries and information which are little approached by competitors. A REAL PLEASURE!

Karim Lassoud. France. 30.03.2017

I have the Aikido Documentary and most of the others. Your work is outstanding and a great service to our broad martial art community. Thank you for all you do in your films for promoting Budo.

Nathan Ray. Supreme Martial Arts, Raleigh. NC. USA. 04.03.2017

I have bought several of your wonderful movies and as a student of Chen taijiquan, Wing Chun and Escrima I’m very happy them them. Thank you for your excellent work.

Steve Danielsson. Sweden. 14.01.2017

Fighting Sticks of Arnis movie was amazing! The production quality was fantastic! I had an issue with my dvd when it arrived, but Empty Mind Films went above and beyond to make it right! Highly recommend this video!

 Gary Meekin. USA. 11.19.2016

I would like to say thank you for your superb high quality films. They are very professional and a joy to watch. Please keep making these wonderful works of art.

Darryl Lawrence. Senshinkai Dojo, Osaka, Japan. 08.09.2016

Allow me to express gratitude for your hard work and dedication. I love your films because they allow people to speak for themselves. The respect and care you extend to your films and the people in them is very evident. 

Samuel Roche. New York. 02.09.2016

I have bought two DVD movies from you so far. The first was The Zen Mind and the second was Wing Chun and both are really outstanding. Keep up the great work!

Geoffrey Allen. New Zealand. 11.07.2016

I just wanted you to know I received my DVD today. After being in the U.S. Navy for over twenty years I am well aware how packages get stopped on their way to me. I wish to thank you for responding to my concerns with professionalism and understanding. I really enjoyed the DVD and will now order The Immortal Path. Thank you once again Betty. You represented your company in a most professional way.

Andre Stone. U.S. Navy. 03.05.2016

I am the editor of Samuraido.org which is run by Martial Arts and history enthusiasts. I want to say that if one word can describe your films it is “stunning”. Warriors of Budo is amazing and I also personally enjoyed The Shaolin Kid as well. We have such high esteem for your work and would love to review some of your films. Thank you.

Jack Sharp. Samurai-do. 02.04.2016

Thank you for solving our browser issue. We did not realize it was this causing the problems viewing your trailers and films. I just finished watching your masterful documentary on Warriors of Budo: Kendo. They are so respectfully produced and expertly filmed. They leave me humbled. Thank you for the enjoyment of your work.

Marisol Kucharek. 16.08.2015

I greatly enjoyed episodes one to four of your Warriors of Budo series. I am about to order episodes five and six. You may not know what joy your films bring to those of us who relish Gendai and Koryu Arts.

Jules Robson. Kings College, New Zealand. 11.08.2015

I would just like to say thank you for great customer service. I received my DVD’s and they were so well filmed and produced. Thank you for all your efforts!

Patrick Chong. 18.07.2015

One of my favorite production companies is Empty Mind Films. They consistently turn out thought provoking, beautifully produced work. They have produced some of the highest quality and most engaging martial arts documentaries seen anywhere in the last few years. They are a small organization, and as a result are selective about the projects they take on.

Kungfu Tea Magazine. 01.12.2014

Here is a great film company, with some very well done, interesting and inspirational videos.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Institute. 21.02.2011