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Trailer: One Shot. One Life

In traditional martial arts, mastery of the art is not acquired through technical skill alone. In following ‘the way’ one must look beyond technique to become a true master. Yet the teachers tell us that only through technique will we be able to hit the target correctly. This is starting to sound like a Zen koan! Awa Kenzo, a great kyudo master, held that its true purpose was ‘to enlighten’. This idea took hold in the west through the book Zen in the Art of Archery, written by Eugen Herrigel, one of Awa’s students. Whatever your belief, the common ground is that mastery of kyudo is a journey that takes a life-time. Without an opponent, it is a path of self discovery. Welcome to the pursuit of excellence through the art of Japanese Archery.

“We must must overcome the obstinacy to win and the fear of defeat in order to achieve true victory and win correctly” Satoh sensei, 6th dan