Zhong Yunlong

Amid the ancient Chinese culture and religion of Wudangshan lies the martial art of Tai Chi Chuan. This is Tai-chi from the lineage of Zhang Sanfeng, the highly mythologised figure said to be the founder of t’ai chi ch’uan.

We are here to explore the real story behind the rise of the Taoist martial arts at Wudang Mountain and the connection of Taoism to Kungfu. Like Buddhism, Taoism lies somewhere in the middle… and we like this idea. People incorporate it into their ordinary lives and find joy and happiness in the infinite well of the present moment. They learn to let life take its own course: to follow nature; to do nothing and to leave nothing undone; to merely look at their own emotions as if they were mere decorations and not to allow themselves to be consumed by them; to accept who they are and to accept whatever is coming.

The focus of our new documentary will be the martial art school of the great master Zhong Yun-Long and the Wudang San Feng Pai Association. We are spending many days with this great master who kick-started all the schools on the mountain and is the teacher to about 75% of the instructors teaching today at Wudangshan. Master Zhong Yunlong is a 14th generation legitimate inheritor of Wudang Sanfeng Pai, an orthodox Wudang Internal Kung Fu successor of two great Wudang Taoist masters and senior priests: Guo Gaoyi and Zhu Chengde. When Wudang Taoism first opened to the outside world, Master Zhong Yunlong was sent by the Wudang Taoist Association, to unearth Wudang martial arts which were then only being practiced outside the temple. The Wudang Taoist Association established the first Wudang Taoist Martial Arts Team and Master Zhong was the foremost member of the team.

The photo below is a frame from our movie with master Yun-Long talking about his life at Wudang when he lived in this cave for five years to further improve his martial art while in seclusion. You will see the real martial arts of Wudang and the teachers and schools who are dedicated to Wudang TaiChi and Health Preservation. There is no fake set-ups with actors dancing on top of mountain peaks!! We will keep you posted about this exciting documentary as work progresses. Release is set for winter 2015.



Zhong Yunlong