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Our documentaries are authentic without sensationalism. In this way, we are regarded as the most accurate source for traditional Asian martial arts, spirituality and wellness of mind and body.

"Empty Mind Films consistently turn out thought-provoking, beautiful work!"

- Editor, Kungfu Tea Magazine

Empty Mind Films

Empty Mind Films was founded in 2002 by film producer, Jon Braeley. In this time we have released twenty eight full length documentary films and numerous short films. All of our documentaries are filmed on location in Japan, China and South-east Asia. Our mission: To document the martial arts, eastern spirituality and the wellness of mind and body. We had one rule: To feature only the real masters and if they were not available we would wait. In some cases, waiting meant years. Our reputation for honest reporting gave Empty Mind Films a dedicated following across the globe. This has grown to proportions we never imagined possible when we released our first martial arts film, The Empty Mind. Since then we have added genres such as Zen and Buddhism, Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and many more. Our untamed curiosity is matched only by our unwavering enthusiasm for Asian culture. Our documentary films have been featured on broadcast television in over thirty countries and numerous film festivals including the opening of a museum. Empty Mind Films works closely with educational institutions and libraries so our films can be streamed into classrooms. Please contact us if you wish to know more about distribution and wholesale orders.

Film Director Jon Braeley with Chief Taoist Priest Zhong Yun Long at Wudang Mountain in 2014. Jon began filming at Wudang Mountain over twenty years ago and has returned many times since. In 2014 he filmed The Immortal Path, his second documentary with Taoist Master Zhong Yun Long.

Jon Braeley

The founder and director of Empty Mind Films is Jon Braeley. Our films are a combination of his passion for martial arts, Asian culture, storytelling and photography. Born in Yorkshire, England, Jon began his career as an architect. In 1990 he moved to New York and switched from architect to photographer and filmmaker. In 1997 he produced his first documentary. In 2002 he founded Empty Mind Films and won his first major international film festival with The Empty Mind. Jon is also an experienced Martial Artist, gaining his black belt in Shotokan Karate at twenty one years of age. His knowledge of Martial Arts is extensive, having trained in many disciplines including Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan. Today he holds 5th dan black belt in Karate. Jon spends his time shuttling between China, Japan, India and the Empty Mind Films studio in the USA. When he is not making films, he can be found shooting photographs for magazines or training at his local karate dojo… still doing the same two passions he discovered as a teenager.

"Jon Braeley is possibly the pre-eminent Martial Arts documentary filmmaker in the World today"


"These films are very well done. Jon Braeley captures something deeper than just what you see on the screen. Instructional for sure, but also artful."


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