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The Immortal Path: The Tao of Tai Chi Chuan

Explore the Martial Arts of Wudang Mountain and Tai Chi Chuan with our guide, Wudang Grandmaster and Taoist Priest Zhong Yun Long

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"Art of the Japanese Sword blew the doors off the documentary I have seen produced by National Geographic."


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Art of the Japanese Sword

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Kendo: Culture of the Sword

We rarely feature outside content but a new book release by Alexander Bennett is very news-worthy. Kendo: Culture of…

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Bobby Taboada

Fighting Sticks of Arnis: Bobby Taboada

A video clip from Fighting Sticks of Arnis featuring the grandmaster Bobby Taboada. This is part of an interview filmed…

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Meiji Jingu Enbu (Full Version)

In Meiji Park, Tokyo, there is a demonstration of Koryu or classical martial arts. It is the Meiji Jingu Enbu is held…

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Jon Braeley Filming Japan Kydo Championships

Kendo World Magazine Interview

In-depth interview with director Jon Braeley by Kendo World Magazine.

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